So for me, the issue is what appears in the text. Partly because he doesn really review a very full range of scholarship, I think of Historical Jesus (the work you citing) as a semi popular synthesis of his position, not a real scholarly work like Wright Christian Origins series. A similar work, Wright God Became King, has virtually no footnotes, with a very selective bibliography.

Guest blogger Heather McIntosh of Documentary Site rounds up a list of related documentary viewing.Heather McIntosh 6 min read October 18, 2011 Documentary News Comments2011 New York Film Festival Documentary Preview Documentaries have been a staple of the New York Film Festival, the city’s eclectic showcase of international auteurs, and 2011’s edition (Sept. 30 to Oct. 16) is no exception.Adam Schartoff 5 min read September 22, 2011 Documentary News CommentsDoc Soup: A Documentary Dispatch from the 2011 Toronto International Film Festival Doc Soup Man Tom Roston recaps the 2011 Toronto International Film Festival and previews films you can hope to see in theaters in the coming months.Tom Roston 4 min read September 19, 2011 Doc Soup CommentsFrederick Wiseman: An Appreciation Guest blogger Heather McIntosh of Documentary Site looks at the ‘stubbornly observational’ body of work of documentary director Frederick Wiseman (High School, Titicut Follies, La Danse Le Ballet de l’Op de Paris).Heather McIntosh 5 min read September 19, 2011 Documentary News CommentsWeekly Roundup: ‘Most Dangerous Man’ and ‘Food, Inc.’ News, Sundance Deals, MoMA Events and More This week, we catch up on news about two upcoming POV broadcasts, take a look at post Sundance documentary acquisitions and spotlight upcoming events in New York CityRuiyan Xu 3 min read February 11, 2010 Documentary News CommentsDoc Soup: Organic ‘Milk’ I love it when fictional feature filmmakers are heavily inspired by documentaries especially such prominent ones as Gus Van Sant.

Infatti dal 1980 al 1985 collabora con la rivista Cahiers du Cinéma, specializzandosi nella critica di film asiatici. Influenza che segnerà parte del suo percorso autoriale. Inizia ad addentrarsi nel grande schermo aiutando il padre malato nella redazione di alcune sceneggiature.

Koonce research suggests that children of parents who opt to homeschool for pedagogical reasons that is to say, because the parents want to try a different academic approach than might be available in a traditional school tend to do better when they enter public schools than the children of parents who homeschool for ideological or moral reasons. Koonce theorizes that that because the former group tends to be more academically focused, while the latter tends toward a more approach. As he writes in his dissertation:.