I often see this kind of fallacy in Arminian versus Calvinistic discussions where one side does not understand some aspects of the other. I, a Reformed Arminian, often see this in Calvinists accusing me of being Pelagian or Semi Pelagian. Pelagianism ‘denies original sin and elevates natural and moral human ability to live spiritually fulfilled lives’ while semi Pelagianism ‘embraces a modified version of original sin but believes that humans have the ability, even in their natural or fallen state, to initiate salvation by exercising a good will toward God’ (Olson 2006:17 18).

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Every citizen and community of our Country has an inalienable right to freedom of conscience and religious liberty. The Indian Constitution, article 25 1, upholds that “all persons are equally entitled to freedom of conscience and the right freely to profess, practice and propagate religion.” It is this right of every citizen to embrace the religion which best satisfies his/her quest for God and for fulfillment. This constitutes an essential part of Human Rights.

Much has changed since 1995. Advances in neurology and neuroimaging brain scans now reveal exactly how suggestive processes and hypnosis function. The brain physiology of hypnosis is well understood. The role of ultimate headship has been assigned to men (). Women [cannot] be pastors, but they can have words of instruction in the church (). This was a similar kind of ministry to that of Miriam, Deborah, and Huldah in the OT and Anna in the NT as well as the four daughters of Phillip who prophesied.