If we need to cut a 60cm length lace, the cutting machine is set to cut a 61cm length, because braid is under tension when being processed on the machine. As the length of lace changes with temperate and texture (in majority cases, laces shrink after been made), we cut the lace a little bit longer (usually about 2%) on the machine than required by customers. A few experiment and adjustment will be conducted before entering the formal cutting procedure to ensure the final right length..

As is somewhat evident, the internal evidence raises significant problems with Mark 16:9 20. The awkward transition between vv 8 and 9 and the non Marcan vocabulary has led the vast majority of New Testament scholars to conclude that the longer ending is inauthentic. In fact, even Farmer (Last Twelve Verses of Mark, 103), the leading proponent for the authenticity of the last twelve verses, must confess that some of the evidence warrants this conclusion..

And so he feels like this captain, this former captain sort of helped him out of the department, failed to properly defend him, and that’s why he killed his daughter and her boyfriend. And that does seem to be the beginning of it in 2008. Why he launched the killing spree now is unknown..

Wan Deuk è uno studente di scuola superiore. Fondamentalmente è un bravo ragazzo, ma finisce spesso col mettersi nei guai, anche perché sa combattere molto bene e qualche rissa è sempre dietro l’angolo. Vive in una casa sul tetto assieme al padre, ballerino di cabaret con la gobba, e allo zio acquisito; una casa sopra la sua abita l’odiato maestro Dong joo.

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